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One of the priorities of Amora Hotel is sustainability. The hotel is concerned about and takes care of the environment and the region where it is located - a region with stunning landscapes framed by Serra do Mar and Mata Atlantica.

We recognize that our natural resources are finite and strive to work in a more sustainable way possible.

Several actions were taken in order to reduce our impact on the environment. In addition to waste recycling, there is a tank where the rain water is stored. Then this water is used to water our garden and to clean the common and leisure areas.

We do not have solar power, but all Amora Hotel apartments have a modern gas heating system. This greatly contributes to energy savings for the benefit of society and the environment. We use energy-saving light bulbs in most parts of the hotel.

All the oil used in the restaurant kitchen is collected and donated to a company that reuses it. We also prefer to hire people from this region to be part of our staff. We work with companies that also worry and have positive actions to help the environment. Such actions contribute to all guests, employees and service providers to have greater environmental awareness.