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Beach Weddings

Nothing better than a special place to achieve a dream.

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 [/div][justify]The Amora"> Hotel in Maresias transforms into reality your dream of a wedding on the beach, facing the sea.

We have a complete structure and a team highly qualified so that everything goes beyond your expectations. We offer the possibility of closing the hotel for a weekend for the lodging of the guests and the ceremony in the months of May and June , except holidays. We have the capacity to receive with comfort up to 150 people.

The > wedding can be realized in the green area of ??the hotel that faces the sea. On the lawn there are two wooden decks, excellent for ceremonial assembly. Or directly on the sand of the beach, if so the bride and groom wish. For brides who dream of getting married in the church in there Maresias a small, charming and Centennial Chapel of St. Benedict and St. Anne, listed by the Heritage and located less than 300 meters away.[/justify]

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Certificado de Excelência
Certificado de Excelência